Three Tables Oahu

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This popular dive area is named for three table-like sections of reef that can easily be seen during low tide. This beach is part of the Pupukea Beach Marine Sanctuary which preserves and protects the numerous sea creatures, flora and fauna found in this area...

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What to Expect

Kamehameha Highway, North Shore

Located east of Waimea Bay and next to Sharks Cove, this beach is especially beautiful during the summer months when the ocean is calmer and the reef system can easily be explored. Scuba diving, snorkeling and wading in the numerous tidepools makes this a very crowded and popular area. Lava tubes, ledges, and sea arches can be found just outside of the reef area. A small sand beach marks the entrance to this unique recreation area.

Services and Amenities
No lifeguards
No facilities
No fresh water
Great scuba diving and snorkeling during the summer months
Small sand beach
Reef and tidepools
Protected marine sanctuary

During the winter waves can reach 40-50 foot on the north shore. They pound the rocks and reefs along this coastline. If you suspect large surf, DO NOT venture into the water. NEVER turn your back to the ocean. The waves are constantly changing and you can never predict their next move.

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