Sand Island Beach Park Oahu

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This huge beach park is never crowded and offers a fantastic and different view of Waikiki, Aloha Tower Marketplace and downtown Honolulu....

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What to Expect

Sand Island Access Road, Honolulu

Located at the entrance to Honolulu Harbor, Sand Island was extensively used by the military during WWII for coastal defense. Today, bunkers and lookout towers stand deserted and appear totally out of place among acres of grassy park land. Long white beaches extend around the tip of the island and are never crowded. Park benches and giant trees provide shady areas to watch the sunset or the ships sail in and out of the busy harbor.

Services and Amenities
No lifeguards
Restroom facilities
Fresh water
Picnic tables and covered pavillions
BBQ grills
Lots of paved parking
Long, sandy beach
Grassy and shady areas
Fair swimming
Good fishing
Historical bunkers and lookout towers

Monitor ocean conditions closely. Obey all postings and warning signs. DO NOT swim in the harbor shipping lanes. Keep off of lookout towers and out of bunkers - these areas are unsafe and are closed to the public.

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