Lanikai Beach Oahu

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Several beautiful and secluded beaches are situated along the coast of Lanikai in Kailua and front Kailua Bay. They have been rated as some of the best beaches in the United States....

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What to Expect

Kailua Road, Kailua - East O'ahu

The water is exceptionally clear and blue and two beautiful, offshore island known as the Mokuluas, add to the tropical atmosphere of the area. Access is only available by a public access walkways. Please respect local resident's properity.

Services and Amenities
No Lifeguard
No facilities
No fresh water
Sandy Beach
Large rocks
Shady areas
Good swimming and snorkeling

Watch out for the Portugese Man-of-War (jellyfish) and stinging limu (seaweed) especially from June through September. Always monitor ocean conditions closely. Obey all postings and warning signs.

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