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Lana'i Travel Info

Lanai, Hawaii's Most Secluded Island, is shaped like a small comma being only 18 miles long and 13 miles wide! However, even though this island paradise is tiny it is big on luxury and style catering to its guests with every comfort imaginable. With only one town, Lanai City, and no traffic lights, shopping malls or public transportation, this island appeals to those looking for the perfect tropical get-away vacation.

Lanai was probably first settled in the 15th century by Polynesians from Maui and Molokai. The volcanic land was rich for farming and the waters were filled with varied species of fish. In early 1900's, pineapple became the king crop of Hawaii. In 1922, James Dole purchased the entire island and developed the world's largest pineapple plantation earning Lanai its legacy as the Pineapple Island. Sadly, pineapple is a sensitive and expensive crop to cultivate and in 1985 the island was acquired by David Murdock of Castle & Cooke. Under his direction the island turned to tourism as its primary economic resource. Today, Four Seasons Resort Lanai and The Lodge at Kōʻele are the two premier resorts of the island featuring two world renowned golf courses, "The Challenge at Manele" and "The Experience at Koele".

Behind the scenes, Lanai is a diamond in the rough with unique historical sites such Luahiwa Petroglyphs and Palaoa Point and unusual natural wonders such as the Garden of the Gods, Shipwreck Beach and Pu'u pehe Rock. Atop the mountain ridge, Monroe Trail , provides vantage points through the cloud capped forest of Cook pines and overlooking the crystal clear Pacific Ocean. For comfort, seclusion, style, and grace.......the pristine island of Lanai is the place to visit.